Update: The Wisconsin Public Service Commission is currently holding proceedings to determine the outcome of ATC’s proposed Cardinal-Hickory Creek project. They will decide by the end of September.

Public participation has been record setting. Combined attendance at six PSC Public Hearings held in June totaled almost 1,000 — Lancaster 200, Madison 300, Dodgeville 500. Approximately 140 people presented testimonies and over 500 written messages have been submitted. Thank you for being involved!

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American Transmission Company (ATC) is proposing a 100+ mile high-voltage transmission line—from Dubuque to Dane County—slashing through Wisconsin’s Driftless Area.

This unnecessary infrastructure will cost individual ratepayers (homeowners, farmers, renters, etc.) at least $500 million. The towering transmission line isn’t the best option for utility customers but it is the most profitable for ATC.


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The wasteful ATC Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line is only in the planning stages. We can still stop it.